Federación Nicaragüense de Pescadores Artesanales, R.L. (FENICPESCA)

Country:      Nicaragua
Mission:      To become a participatory organization which share a common core of values to                                     achieve environmental,democratic, and economic sustainability and solidarity with                          social equity goals;  acting as an interlocutor at a national level and providing our                        with members representation, incidence and capacity building.
Vision:            To represent the interests and expectations of the artisanal fishing sector in Nicaragua,                          through diverse, innovate and high quality strategies and lines of action in order to                                    strengthen the capacities of the federation in the political, social, environmental, service                       and economical arena.

  • To represent the interests of the artisanal fishing sector by maintaining a permanent political representation participating in the decision making processes that affect the sector.
  • To develop the technical and organizational capacities necessary to support the sustainable development of the artisanal fishing sector.
  • To develop productive projects with a focus on the value chain that includes the commercialization of fish products, counting with an important participation of women.

E-mail:        cairolaguna@gmail.com, fenicpesca@gmail.com